Big Horn Mating Midge

This pattern was created in the early ‘90s and is a killer pattern to this day. One spring day in 1991 on the Big Horn River, midges were swarming everywhere!  Fish were all over them! As my fishing buddy and I bailed out of my drift boat, we thought this was going to be easy. We were in for a surprise because we were not hooking fish that were feeding right in front of us! These big trout were literally pushing our midge patterns aside with their shoulders to get to a natural. Upon a closer look, the midges were paired up on the water like two airplanes that had collided mid-air. I went back to my drift boat where I had my fly tying vise set up on my rear casting brace and created the Big Horn Mating Midge. We went on for the next three days to hook every head we cast to. What a difference a small adjustment on a pattern can have on your success!